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Hi and welcome to the fandom teapot~

We are Aubree and Ashley and we hand paint fandom inspired ceramic teaware. We also take commissions or visit our etsy store! This is our hobby, please feel free to ask us anything :D


Fandoms we've done so far:

BBC Sherlock, Adventure Time, Star Trek, Zelda, Hannibal, SPN, Other



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••¤(`×[¤ Our 221B Baker Street Set is Finished ¤]×´)¤••

We have had this set planned for a year and now it’s done… it doesn’t feel quite real (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

We already have plans to add either two new cups and/or a creamer and sugar set (Molly and Mary ^^) and a black and white version of the teapot, so you’ll have a lot of choices if you buy this set!

This set will be in the ‘Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Ball’ Auction that the BakerStreetBabes are hosting. So go bid on it! (Or just admire it from a distance ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )

This set or pieces of this set will also be available in our Etsy store later in the year~~

Thank you to the BakerStreetBabes for including us in your auction! You guys are awesome!

And thank you to Taggianto, for letting us use her original design signatures!!

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